Going to College as an Adult is a Big Undertaking

Minute Scholar helps prioritize your college success by developing the skills, behaviors, and habits needed to unlock your full potential. When you're at your best, your grades will reflect it.

Let's connect and create a quicker, less stressful path to graduation.

What We Do

Academic success doesn’t happen by accident, it takes planning--especially if you're a busy adult student with obligations outside of school.

Whether you're a new student or several semesters in, you don't need to figure it out on your own.

With effective strategies to stay in top form, you can become a more focused, organized, and independent adult student who earns higher grades by working smarter, not harder.


We've Been in Your Shoes

We take the guesswork out of creating positive changes that give you the dynamic edge you're looking for--not only in college, but post-graduation.

From developing the mindset to change the way you think about your capabilities to grade-boosting habits not taught in school, you'll learn the skills you need to be confident and successful in all your efforts.


Keeping You on Track

When you take action, motivation naturally follows.

Creating reachable short and long-term goals built around becoming a better student keeps you moving forward by building on little successes along the way.

It's never been easier to maintain your momentum and keep pushing onward to graduation day--even when things get tough.


Finding the Right Balance

Our community of adult students is working hard to successfully make it through college in a determined but mindful way.

Maintaining a healthy school-life balance is crucial to reaching your academic goals and an important aspect in preventing burnout. Join others who are following their dreams and doing it right.

Step Into Your 'A' Game

Grades are important and we know success inside the classroom depends on many factors outside the classroom. 

By following simple, step-by-step methods, we help improve:

Study Habits


Time Mgmt.

Test Prep


Stress Mgmt.

Best of all, we're fans of the fastest and easiest ways to stay in top form so you can focus on your studies-simple and quick.

About Us

Minute Scholar promotes social and environmental sustainability as part of our ongoing commitment to empower students and never stop working towards a happier, healthier world.

Academic Excellence

Based on award-winning groundwork completed in the Sustainability Studies Program at the University of New Mexico

Personal Growth

Focused on helping students reach their academic and personal goals through mindful living and focused action 


Committed to making sustainable living an easy,  positive experience for all individuals and lifestyles

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